photograph by M. Pezo

Karen Brummund is a visual artist who makes art in response to places and communities, employing her vision and action to transforming each starting point. Like her series of time-based drawings of architecture, Brummund likes to set up situations where something new is created outside of her timeline, her mark-making, and her work.  In an effort to question what we know, structures are reduced to simple elements, concrete is projected onto concrete, a picture of a barn is placed on a barn, etc.  It’s certainty subverted, wonder constructed, and art worth living. Brummund’s commissions include Casa Poli in Chile, Atlanta Celebrates Photography, the Sirius Art Centre in Ireland, the Brady Centre in London, and Burchfield-Penney in Buffalo. Projects often begin through public art awards, community-based commissions, and art residencies. She received her Masters of Arts in Fine Arts from the University of East London in 2006 and a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Architecture and Environmental Structures in 2010. Brummund is currently based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.