1 Copley Street

Date: 2010

Location: Cork City, Ireland

Project Type: Public Installation

Site: Historic storefront on Union Quay

Exhibition: Art Trail Festival: Multiple Endings

Curated by: Sharon McCarthy and Kevin Tuohy

Artist Residency at: Sirius Art Centre

Funding by: Embassy of the United States in Ireland

Description: For the festival Art Trail: Multiple Endings, Brummund created a temporary installation on the outside of a 19th century warehouse on a quay in Cork City, Ireland. The building was formerly Jas. O’Connor & Sons Timber and Iron Co. and more recently a flooring and hardware retail store.  The image is printed across 1,000 sheets of copy paper and installed on the building. The graffiti, ripped advertisements, and boarded-up windows are covered with a digitized image that has lost all its details.

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