126 Sears Street

Date: 2011

Location: Ithaca, New York, USA

Project Type: Public installation with video projection

Site: Downtown, Greek Revival House

In Partnership with: Jason Bernagozzi

Funding by:  Experimental Television Center Grant

Description: In a town named Ithaca with neighboring cities name Homer and Ulysses, it is not surprising that Greek Revival architecture has found staying power. Columns and pediments continue to be built in a variety of materials and tacked onto any kind of building. For one night, this simple Greek Revival dwelling becomes a sculpture and the street a gathering place. The installation includes three themes, but most importantly it is based on drawings of the facade that were submitted by community members. During the live projection, the video is processed by an algorithm written by Jason Bernagozzi. For the hundreds who found the installation, it continues as a rumor, memory, and memorial to the process and preferences that built their community. 

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