316 Waverly Avenue

Date: 2009

Location: Syracuse, New York, USA

Project Type: Public installation, exhibition, video

Site: Robert B. Menschel Media Center at Syracuse Univeristy

Building Architect: Richard Meier & Michael Wolniak

Curated by: Light Work 

Exhibition: Light Work Grant Winners

Description:  The entrance to 316 Waverly Avenue is tiered with a series of parallel walls in ivy, old stone, new stone, brick, and glass. The levels are flattened by the photocopies. The entire composition is viewed from one angle and captures one time. On the installation day a thunderstorm rolled through, casting strong shadows on the walls. The picture of the light streaking the tiers inside this flattened frame resonates with the irregularities of the old ditto machine. Again, the process takes on the beauty of uncertainty.

This project was created for the 35th Annual Light Work Grants in Photography exhibition in September 2009. Many sheets fell during the rain storm on the first day, but the others were left to deconstruct over the next six weeks.

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