9 Groton Avenue

Date: 2007

Location: Freeville, New York, USA

Project Type: Public installation, video, jigsaw puzzle, photograph

Site: Private home

Description: This installation was the second in a series that is now described as time-based drawings of architecture. The process begins by researching and drawing the site. The drawing of the house is enlarged to the same scale as the facade, but there is no effort to make it fit perfectly. The drawing is printed onto sheets of letter-sized paper. The sheets are hung methodically on the facade, and eventually the entire image is visible. The drawing of the window hangs somewhere near the window. The two-dimensional representation finds a way to fit onto the three-dimensional surface. The sheets blow in the wind, curl from moisture, and fall off.  As the representation of the building deconstructs, pieces of the real building are revealed. As the image changes, we are compelled to piece together a new picture of the building.

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