The Work In Between

Date: 2015

Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Project Type: Exhibition of artists multiples

Exhibition: The Work In Between

Curated by: Karen Brummund

Produced by: CIVALabs

Artists Included: Gala Bent, Karen Brummund, Cherith LundinJanna LuttrellJay HendersonLex ThompsonJoshua Welker, and Adam Wolpa

With Support from: Wayne Adams, Cameron Anderson, Kevin Hamilton, Bruce Herman, Joyce Lee, Brian Moss, and David Taylor.

Description: An eight piece portfolio created specifically for the CIVA Biennial conference. Each artist was commissioned to create a new edition or multiple based on shared starting points, which included the monochrome, white church, and white box. With editions like napkins and cell phone stickers, the portfolio includes a selection of hospitable reflections on the work done between two worlds. Over 500 editions of each piece were installed and distributed within the conference structure. Read statements about each artwork in the catalogue here. (edited by Ned Bustard).

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