31 Prince Street

Date: 2010

Location: Rochester, New York, USA

Project Type: Public installation, solo exhibition

Site: Visual Studies Workshop

Exhibition: Time-based Drawings of Architecture by Karen Brummund in the VSW Gallery

Curated by: Tate Shaw

Description: Architecture defines public space and artist Karen Brummund will be radically altering the local environment with a dynamic outdoor installation about the passage of time. For the exhibition “Time-Based Architecture,” Brummund will be installing directly on the façade of Visual Studies Workshop’s ca. 1913, two-and-one-half story stone building. Last year VSW entirely removed the ivy from its historic edifice, once the woman’s dormitory for the University of Rochester. The piece 31 Prince Street entails Brummund creating one digitally scaled image printed on hundreds of sheets of paper in puzzle-like fragments that she will temporarily adhere directly to the building surface. Exploring the removed ivy both as a bygone symbol of prestige and a physical force of nature, the paper image fragments in Brummund’s weather-exposed installation will fall, pile on the ground, and blow away causing the presence of the piece to change over time. An outdoor webcam video feed will also be projected in VSW’s 31 Prince Street gallery space along with an accompanying exhibition essay by Patricia Phillips and other documentation and education materials to illuminate Brummund’s project. Phillips writes that, “Brummund has developed a series of temporary installations that examine and expose our perception and experience of actual space through puzzling and phantom-like interventions.” (from the press release)

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