401 Harrison Street

Date: 2012

Location: Syracuse, New York, USA

Project Type: Public installation with video projection

Site: Everson Museum of Art and Urban Video Project

Exhibition: TONY Biennial 

Curated by: Mary Lee Hodgens, Light Work

Description: The first art museum designed by I.M. Pei was built in 1968. It sits like a sculpture on a pedestal of parking lots in downtown Syracuse. Brummund created a video installation for the facade based on photographs of this museum and a similar museum Pei designed in Ithaca. The dialogue between the two buildings is a layer in understanding this place and the mark of modern architecture in our communities. The plaza is lit up by the subtle and contemplative effects of concrete being projected onto concrete.

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Work Statement for exhibition audio guide:

401 Harrison Street

a coordinate
a sculpture
an idea
a sculpture that sits between
the pedestrians both aimless and over-worked
the neighboring buildings projecting function over form
the parking lots vacant and reverberating
a building
designed by I.M. Pei
a point in the timeline of his discourse
a block re-imagined
images of architecture on architecture
geometry changed by geometry
light painted with light
a time and place
known by knowing
slowing down the process
looking over and over
till you see something new
instead of something old